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The war in Ukraine

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Hello all and welcome! To this site, this site contains separate universes and everything written here is fictional so no drama, The Arstotzkan Universe site is from another universe containing Arstotzka, Kolechia and many more fictional countries in the game of Papers, Please, in this Site we will describe everything that happens every year in this alternate earth of Papers, Please. If you see any time abnormalities, it's because the timeline is set in 2005.

Antegria: Antegria a German speaking country known for having continuous wars with Republia, Antegria is one of the most dangerous countries in this world.
Ideology: Fascism

Arstotzka: The World Superpower a Russian speaking country known to most people as the big bad tiger of the world, Glory to Arstotzka!
Ideology: Marxist-Leninist-Stepanovist Communism

Banana: Banana
Ideology: Banana

Cobrastan: A Cobri speaking country in its own right declared independence from Kolechia and Obristan, Was originally a joke country by Jorji Costava, became president of this new nation.
Ideology: Communism

Impor: Chinese speaking country allied with Kolechia until 2003 when Kolechia became a communist nation, Impor is also underdeveloped country, it's very poor but maintains good relations with former capitalist nations
Ideology: Capitalism

Kolechia: Enemy of Arstotzka until 2003 an English speaking country the 3rd biggest in Novum Terras, Was originally Arstotzka's rival, after a revolt ensued and now are allies with it's rival
Ideology (1899-2003): Capitalism
Ideology (2003-today): Communism

Obristan: a French speaking country whose main goal to bring peace though is very very big, It's attempt to bring peace nearly all of them have failed, But obristan is considered the most happiest nation, beating Finland.
Ideology: Socialism

Republia/Democria: The long lasting enemy of Antegria gained independence from Antegria in 1920 became Democria in 2005
Ideology (1920-2005): Republican
Ideology (2005-today): Democracy

Eurasia: The greatest Arstozkan ally, one of the most powerful countries but prefers neutrality, the current leaders are President Arnold, First Lady Anneliese, and Vice President Nikolai P. Dmitrov, it used to be a monarchy, but the monarchy was ousted in a coup
Ideology: Republicanism

United Federation: a Federation of 10 countries united into 1 nation, goal is to keep peace and equality, like Obristan all have failed, This country has broken up 3 times, and may have caused World War 3
Ideology: Socialism

Venetian Imperial Republic: It is a republic that caused the split of Germany and its allies are Arstotzka and Eurasia (Somehow) and the leader is led by a mad man named, Augustus Caesar
Ideology: Fascism

Forgotten Countries:

Skoatia: Arstotzkan ally
Ideology: Communism

Semistan: Enemy of Obristan
Ideology: Capitalism

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