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News: The Truth of Arstotzka

Hey there, it's TheInfallibleFounder,

Today has been really tough for me. I want to share something with you all about our family dog, Quinn. When I first met her, I was kinda scared, but that feeling didn't last long. I remember the day we came home, she was barking like crazy, that's because she was just a little dog.

I think it's also time to reveal my true name now. Since 2021 (I think) I've always kept my identity a secret, and my alias is just some important old Russian man in our lore/story. My real name is Rai (not short for anything, just Rai), and I'm not from Arizona, nor from America.

You know, I feel really guilty about how I sometimes treated her. I would make her do stuff that hurt her, and now I regret it so much. Quinn was an amazing dog who deserved better. I'm writing this through tears because she meant so much to me. Losing her feels like losing a part of myself. Hell, she even felt like my own kid, and my family would always joke around as I'm Quinn's owner, which I am not her owner, my cousin's.

Quinn was always there for me when I felt down. She had this incredible way of cheering me up. I wish she could have stayed longer with us. If there's a heaven for dogs, I hope she's there now, wagging her tail and giving my grandma a great time there. I'll always be thankful for the memories we made together.

Rest in Peace, Quinn. You were loved more than words can say. Like Dr. Seuss once said, "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

I will be taking a break from the wiki. For now, at least. Goodbye, farewell, and take care everyone.

June 4th, 2016 - July 10th, 2023.

- TheInfallibleFounder Rai

The War in Ukraine

Why must we fight? Russians, Ukrainians and Arstotzkans are brothers! Why fight?

Year Change

The in-universe year has been moved to 2006 in April 20th, 2023.


The World Map of the universe.

Greetings and salutations, esteemed visitors! Welcome to our humble corner of the internet, where we present to you a collection of alternate universes and their accompanying tales. Please be advised that all works contained within this site are entirely fictional in nature, and are not intended to cause undue controversy or offense.

In particular, we present to you the Arstotzkan Universe, a parallel reality which includes the countries of Arstotzka, Kolechia, and many more from the world of the game Papers, Please. Within this site, we endeavor to provide a detailed chronicle of events that occur on this alternate Earth on an annual basis.

We kindly ask that you forgive any temporal anomalies you may encounter during your stay, as the timeline of this universe is set in the year 2006. Rest assured that the year will update annually on April 20th, allowing us to maintain a clear and consistent narrative. Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy your visit!

Antegria: Antegria is a German-speaking country that has been involved in persistent conflicts with Republia. Regarded as one of the most perilous nations in the world, Antegria is known for its tumultuous history.
Ideology: Fascism

Arstotzka: Arstotzka, a Russian-speaking country, holds the status of a global superpower. Often referred to as the hungry tiger of the world, Arstotzka commands attention and respect. Glory to Arstotzka!
Ideology: Marxist-Leninist-Stepanovist Communism

Banana: Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana
Ideology: Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana

Cobrastan: Cobrastan, a nation with its own Cobri language, emerged as an independent entity following its secession from Kolechia and Obristan. Initially conceived as a joke by Jorji Costava, who subsequently became the president of this newly formed nation.
Ideology: Communism

Eurasia: The greatest Arstozkan ally, one of the most powerful countries but prefers neutrality, the current leaders are President Arnold, First Lady Anneliese, and Vice President Nikolai P. Dmitrov, it used to be a monarchy, but the monarchy was ousted in a coup
Ideology: Republicanism

Impor: Impor is a Chinese-speaking country that was once aligned with Kolechia until Kolechia transitioned to communism in 2003. Impor remains an underdeveloped nation, grappling with poverty, yet maintaining favorable relations with former capitalist nations.
Ideology: Capitalism

Kolechia: Previously a rival of Arstotzka, Kolechia transformed from an English-speaking country to the third-largest nation in Novum Terras. It initially adhered to capitalism until a revolt occurred, subsequently aligning itself with its former rival.
Ideology (1899-2003): Capitalism
Ideology (2003-today): Communism

Obristan: Obristan, a French-speaking country, aspires to foster peace despite its immense size. Although its endeavors to achieve harmony have largely proven unsuccessful, Obristan is renowned as one of the world's happiest nations, surpassing even Finland.
Ideology: Socialism

Republia/Democria: Antegria's enduring adversary, Republia gained independence from Antegria in 1920 and transformed into Democria in 2005.
Ideology (1920-2005): Republican
Ideology (2005-today): Democracy

United Federation: The United Federation represents a union of ten countries unified into a single nation. Its primary objective is to uphold peace and equality. However, akin to Obristan, it has faced significant challenges, resulting in three instances of dissolution and possibly contributing to World War 3.
Ideology: Socialism

Venetian Imperial Republic: The Venetian Imperial Republic is a republic that played a role in the division of Germany. Surprisingly, it forges alliances with Arstotzka and Eurasia (Okay, how in the fu-). The republic is governed by a madman named Augustus Caesar.
Ideology: Fascism

Forgotten Countries:

Skoatia: Skoatia is an Arstotzkan ally.
Ideology: Communism

Semistan: Semistan is an adversary of Obristan.
Ideology: Capitalism

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