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Needless to say, you're not supposed to be viewing these files I've written. I say: take a chance. You've come this far.

Some of the following information is true. Some of it's false, even ridiculous. Sometimes I know for sure, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'll lie. It doesn't matter. Whatever I've told you here, someone, somewhere believes it. And belief has power.

Realize also that the 909 Council might not even exist.



The 909 Council or The Fifteen Consulates.

The 909 Council is a secretive organization that is one of the most intriguing subjects in the world of anomalous phenomena. This council, composed of a select group of individuals possessing incredible knowledge and power, is believed to be responsible for overseeing and regulating many of the most dangerous and mysterious anomalies in existence.

While much about the 909 Council remains shrouded in secrecy, what is known is that its members are highly influential individuals who wield immense power and influence in the world of the anomalous. These individuals are believed to possess a deep understanding of the workings of reality itself, and to possess abilities that allow them to manipulate and control the very fabric of the universe.

The 909 Council is said to operate from a hidden location, inaccessible to all but a select few. It is rumored that the council's headquarters is located within a pocket dimension, accessible only to those who possess the knowledge and ability to enter it.

Despite the council's secrecy, there have been occasional glimpses into its workings over the years. These glimpses have revealed a highly structured organization, with members divided into various departments responsible for different aspects of anomaly regulation and containment.

The council's most notable achievement is its role in preventing the catastrophic consequences of numerous anomalous events. From containing world-ending phenomena to preventing the spread of deadly contagions, the council's actions have saved countless lives over the years.

However, not all believe that the council's intentions are entirely benevolent. Some have accused the council of using its power and influence to further its own agendas, or of being in league with other shadowy organizations with their own sinister goals.

Despite these controversies, one thing is certain: the 909 Council remains one of the most fascinating and mysterious organizations in the world of the anomalous. Whether one sees it as a force for good or for evil, there is no denying the immense power and influence wielded by this secretive group of individuals.

The significance of the 909 Council is as follows:

9: 9 Dimensions of Reality
0: Zero Tolerance for Anomalous Threats
9: 9 Essentials

This meaning implies that the Council's primary objective is to safeguard the multiverse by thwarting perilous anomalies from disrupting the very fabric of reality. The number 9 represents the various dimensions that the Council is responsible for monitoring and shielding, while the number 0 represents their uncompromising resolve to eliminate any anomalous threat, regardless of its source or form. Finally, the second 9 Essentials embody the fundamental values and aims of the Council in accomplishing their mission of defending the multiverse: Peace, Prosperity, Economy, Rebuild, Religion, Habitation, Triumph, Freedom, and Unity.

For the better part of my life, I have committed myself to the study of these beings, even at the risk of my own mortality. My efforts have led me to scour the extensive 909 Site Archives, unearthing the hidden truths about each and every Council Consulate. Brace yourself, for I will reveal their true natures and darkest desires, if indeed they can even be considered "human."

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