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The Arkheni is an interdimensional species that dwells in the AT-154, MX-895, FN-009 and EQ-045
But originated in Universe MX-895


Drawing of Arkheni by Angelica Rose


The Arkheni has two very sensitive antennae and six limbs (two for walking four for grasping). The organism has a vestigial shell in-which was used to be an exoskeleton and a set of vestigial swimmeret like limbs. the head has has one eye and an orifice for sustenance.


Due to the vestigial traits and genetic material collected from the organism. It is placed on the class of Crustacea and on the order Amphipoda.


First found by a Foundation MTF on the search for 682, what they found was way worse the 682, they found this entity and it immediately slaughtered most of the squad, only a handful comprising of Captain Angelica Rose, Sergeant Wilson Peters, Corporal Elise Roberts, and Privates Will Grant and Joe Ashford. After this incident, they gave custody of this entity or member of a species to an unknown GOI, or an entirely mysterious group. Second sighting was with Valery Sablin on the hunt for some raw materials, instead of fighting it directly, he knew to hide behind cover because this entity is stronger than 682. Last sighting of this creature was in Athens when the Red Army and the Wehrmacht that was stationed there started a battle in Athens, the Wehrmacht had the upper hand until the Imperial Maritime Force came and bombarded Athens, after the bombardment, the creature woke up and slaughtered most of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, both sides soon came to an armistice and decided to fight or retreat, they all decided to retreat knowing that they can't kill this entity with their current weapons.


Currently, we have no idea if this thing is in ███████ or in modern day ██████, but we assume it is in ████ due to the fact Sablin was there for raw materials.


Exploration Log 8945-A

<Begin log>

Captain Angelica Rose: Alright, So you said this is where SCP-682 is?

███████: Yes Captain

Captain Angelica Rose: Well we better get 682 right now, come over here!

<5 minutes later>

███████: Captain, I think i found him.

Captain Angelica Rose: Where is he?

███████: here *proceeds to show Arkheni*



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