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This page indicates the various queries and concerns most-often directed towards Arstotzkan Universe wiki staff, as well as contact information should you require staff assistance. For detailed information on individual staff members, please see Our Staff.

When sending a wikidot message to a staff member (view the account profile, select the "Write private message" button at the top), please allow some time for a response. If you do not receive a prompt reply, contact other members of the team. Remember, to receive the fastest response for any query, go to chat and ask for a staff member!

I need help with my application to join the site!

Please see the next section (on general questions and members of this site) for whom to contact.

  • Site administrators process all mainsite applications, and generally review them a few times a day. Please be patient, and only contact staff if you have been waiting longer than 72 hours for your application to be reviewed.
  • While only admins can approve/deny apps, other staff can look over application text to determine if it meets criteria. If there are no admins around, you can ask another staff member if your application fulfills requirements.
  • Note that admins tend to be the busiest staff on the site, so replies from them may take some time. For fastest response, go to the chat and ask for an admin.
  • Refer to the Join This Site page for all necessary application information

I have a general question about the site, the writing process, or site policy. (Or, I don't know which team to contact!/My question is not on this list!)

You can contact any members of this site about anything like the writing process, the structure of the site, etc. We will able to help on any of your needs.

For your writing process, please instead read the How To Write A Good Page.

I am reporting a user (regular member or staff) who has broken site rules.

Please contact the Site Administrators of this site and they will take action to the non-disciplined member. This will ensure the member will face disciplinary action.

Who are the Site Admins and Site Moderators of this site?


Hudson NolanHudson Nolan
Sir InvestigatorSir Investigator



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