General Questions

Is This Universe real?

No. We are a creative writing website. The Characters, History, Countries and everything else that's been written about is fictional.

Fair. In-character, what is The Arstotzkan Universe?

Basically, The Arstotzkan Universe is another dimension/universe that dwells deep into lore and alternate history and that's basically it we also have factions, countries, characters, lore anything you can think about, Heavily inspired by game by Lucas Pope's hit video game, Papers, Please.

How can I join the site??

Go to our Join page and follow the instructions from there.

Am I a character in this Universe?

Again, This Universe isn't real. they're all fiction that we wrote, and we are not a roleplaying site.

Do you have a Discord server?


But what about [Arstotzkan Universe-Related Discord server]?

Our Wiki does not operate an official Discord server for the Wiki, though the creator of this site does actually have a discord server his name is the author of this page TheInfallibleFounderTheInfallibleFounder

Do you all write this stuff, or did someone else?

We wrote all this stuff. We are a community of writers.

How long has this site been around?

Basically, the original start page (This Universe) was written back in October 4th 2021.

I want to create a project based on the Arstotzkan Universe. Can I do that?

Yes! See our Licensing Guide for more information. The short version:

  • The Arstotzkan Universe is licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License
  • Yes, you can make money off of anything — except the image of Arkheni. But you must follow the license.
  • The Creative Commons license means anyone else can copy and profit off of anything you make if they wish.
  • DRM is explicitly forbidden by the CC-BY-SA 3.0 License.
  • You do have to credit us and link our site.
  • No, we can't take off the Creative Commons license. Not 'won't' — 'can't'.
  • Yes, we will help you sort out licensing confusion if you ask.

Why do you have an age limit?

The Arstotzkan Universe Wiki expects a certain standard of maturity. Presently, its age limit is fifteen; as a result, anyone presently born after October 4th 2008 will not be old enough to join the site.

I'm mature enough, but I'm technically underage. Can you make an exception?

Apologies, but we can't make exceptions for "maturity". If you tell us you're underage, or if we figure it out, we'll be forced to ban you.

Bans for being underage expire when a user reaches the minimum required age. As with other temporary bans, attempting to evade bans for being underage may result in a permanent ban.

Can I draw or make artwork about a Fanmade SCP? Can I show you?


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