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Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are.


Airbus_BelugaAirbus_Beluga - My friend, he is responsible for making flags and is basically our flag
maker, He likes N*zi stuff and USED to like America and now instead loves Communism and then back to America then Russia, then Ukraine, BRUH this bipolar Beluga.

Note from Airbus Beluga:

I hate my job.

Sir InvestigatorSir Investigator - Hi, the name is Cruz. I help people with CSS, HTML. I also make themes for this site and other wikis. I'm always active at all times. Yeah he basically made our theme, I had no experience coding so that's why I hired/asked him to do it, later we became discord friends.

Rai Gab PazRai Gab Paz - The head of it all, the maker of the site! he is responsible for making this site and operates all of the stuff here. He is a big lover of alternate history and gaming, he is an American (actually that's my alias not my real nationality) and that's it!


fritzR1870fritzR1870 - My friend's friend, he like H. P. Lovecraft things and guns. he is a madman he proposed to split Germany!!! (a Westlife fan, meaning, gae) He used to be our school bully back then, now not then he is just a gae man aka Westlife enjoyer fan

RylanceRylance - Great page editor, amateur Arstotzkan, always watching honor guard videos. He creates great stories as well. Even the SCP Foundation. Also a good friend as well. he mostly helps me and us with pages.

Sonox0Sonox0 - This man had some trouble joining this site, he is a friend of mine who has a cat and that's pretty much all I know about him, oh an he lives in the Philippines and

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