Series 1

Operational List of Countries

  • Joke Countries — Where the rules are thrown to hell for the sake of a good joke, obviously.

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Countries in Series 1

001 to 099

1. Arstotzka - The world's superpower, outranked the United States.
2. Eurasia (Formerly the Soviet Imperium) - One of Arstotzka's closest allies.
3. Banana - Banana
4. North Philippines - Arstotzka's greatest allies as well.
5. Antegria - A German-speaking country knowingly having continuous wars with Republia/Democria.
6. Impor - A Chinese-speaking country that allied with Kolechia up until 2003.
7. Venetian Imperial Republic - The country that split Germany and its allies.

Finish the entire Series from 1 to 999 before moving further!

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